We are excited to announce that our keynote speaker for the conference is Don Watson. Don is one of Australia’s leading writers and one of our foremost social and political thinkers. His latest book, “The Bush”, is a provocative and delightful examination of Australia’s complex relationship to the bush, and its role in our social identity.


Listen to Don Watson read an extract from the The Bush about the jolly swagman.

Don Watson

Don Watson

keynote Speaker

“Don Watson’s magnificent, celebratory, contradictory study of the Australian bush will challenge the national imagination . . . An amiable, learned, playful and engrossing book . . . [A] great, succulent magic pudding of a book . . . Most of what we read is nothing like we would have expected . . . There is a sense that an amiable and eloquent uncle is telling us everything piquant he knows about theology and culture and land use and the beasts and flora and families of the bush.” –Thomas Keneally, Weekend Australian

The Bush cover (2)Source: The Bush | Penguin Books Australia

You can Buy a hard back copy of ‘The Bush’ at all good book stores across Victoria.