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Happiness, Health and Resilience in Victoria's Outdoors


We can’t do this without you!

By becoming a sponsor of this increasingly popular event you will you expose your business or organisation to over 300 delegates from the outdoor education industry whilst experiencing all those warm fuzzy feeling sponsors get when they give so that others might receive.

Sponsor FAQ’s


Are we able to set up our display on Thursday afternoon?

Yes you can set up as early as 4pm on the Thursday.

What time on the Saturday will we be able to start the pack up?

Our final plenary session and afternoon tea is to be held in the Albert Coates main Hub at 3.40pm- 4.15pm on Saturday.

We would prefer that you don’t pack up until 4.15pm but we do understand that some may need to leave early.

In which case there is a window between 2.40pm & 3.40pm when you can bump out without disturbing other folk.

You do need to be out by 6pm at the latest.

What will you supply us & what will we need to bring?

We will supply:

  • 1 x  table  for each sponsor
  • A power source if required: please let us know prior to the event so we can prepare
  • 2 chairs for each table

You need to bring:

  • Everything else you need to beautify your stand
    • Backing boards if you want them
    • Your own computers/ screens if you are using
    • You will probably need to bring an power extension cord and your own power board
  • Don’t forget to book your own accomodation. See info page containing info about nearby accomodation.
What sort of vehicular access will we have for the set up & pull down?

Fed uni are getting back to us on this one but looking at the map on this page, the road that comes off North Terrace and ends at the back of the library will get you almost there.

We know that you can get close though you will have to move your cars to a carpark once you are done.

Will we have power on our stand?

Yes, please let us know your requirements first. You may need to supply your own power board and extension cord

Do we need to register for the conference if we are sponsors?

Yes you do because that way we can make sure we have enough food, enough space & a name tag for everyone!

Will we have access to the internet?

Yes you will & free wifi!

A temporary account for wi-fi access has been created for all to use for the duration of the conference.

Username: outdooredguest
Password: outdooredguest.

If we need to register, do we have to register through Eventbrite?

No. But you do need to provide us (info@outdoorsvictoria.org) with the full name, ticket type and dietary requirements (if needed) of any person who will be present at the event whether they are attending presentations or not.

*If you have any extra staff above and beyond your package, then we would appreciate it if you do hop onto Eventbrite and purchase tickets for them separately. You can purchase them at a reduced rate: choose the sponsors and staff ticket. If these extra registrations are not straight forward, as we know many are not, then by all means supply Robyn with the all the details and she will register your extras as well.

If your Organisation is a gold sponsor you get 3 x free Full registrations (2 days plus dinner)

Silver: 2 x free Full registrations (2 days plus dinner)

Bronze: 1 x free Full registrations (2 days plus dinner)

General Information

This year, all sponsors will be situated in the one central area, in the Albert Coates Complex, and you will all be under the same roof as the dining area. 

We have created an online map which will provide you with a designated spot, (once the gold sponsors have had the opportunity to choose theirs) You will also have access to the space on the Thursday night from 4pm if you require and/or early access on the Friday morning (actual time to be confirmed). You can bump out as early as (1.35pm) on Saturday 7th.

We encourage sponsors to consider creative ways to engage with the theme of happiness, health and resilience in Victoria’s outdoors, through displays, demonstrations, activities or even simply with your discussions with delegates.

Remember gold and silver sponsorship also comes with 1 sponsored post within the conference app. (see below for sponsored post information)


Choose your sponsorship package


Fill out the Sponsorship sign-up form or contact Chuck on 0417 447 599

Read through all the information on this page

Supply Robyn (info@outdoorsvictoria.org.au) with as much organisational info you would like uploaded to the mobile conference APP. *Your logo and description will also be added to our Sponsors page on our website.


The Conference mobile APP has a Sponsor section and all your artwork etc will be added by us.

Accept our giant thanks for your support!

What you need to provide OV

This page contains a detailed list of information sponsors need to provide OV before the event. This information will ensure you make the most of the opportunities of being a sponsor of the conference, before, during and after the event.

Mobile APP info to provide

Please provide this information for your sponsor listing to Robyn at : info@outdoorsvictoria.org.au as soon as possible. Aside from your Organisation name all info is optional.

Please note if you don’t provide it we won’t add it to your profile.

  • Organisation:
  • Booth no. :(we will provide)
  • Logo:180x120px  JPG or PNG
  • Any additional files you want uploaded: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS or XLSX
  • Profile:
  • website:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Google+:
  • LinkedIn:

*Your logo and description will also be added to our Sponsors page on our website.

Additional Information

  • Names and details (including dietary requirements, attendance days & attendance for dinner) of all the staff who will be utilising the complimentary tickets so we can register them.
  • On-site power requirements.
  • Any special intentions regarding display. (We will provide a table approx 1.8 meters within a designated area of approx 2m x 2m)
  • Ideas regarding how your Organisation might approach the theme of ‘Happiness, Health and Resilience in Victoria’s Outdoors’ including any activities you might have in mind and how they might be facilitated. * Have a think about this you don’t need to answer this one straight away but we are asking from a logistic point of view. If we get enough responses we may set aside a block of time for sponsor activities.
What is a sponsored post?

1 x Sponsored post within the conference app is available for gold and silver sponsors.

Promote a mobile app with direct downloads from the App Store.

Promote a special discount code
or product purchase opportunity.

Promote a session that features one
of your sponsor’s employees.

Upload one or more images to show
a product, service, location, etc.

A fully customisable sponsored post
with an image and action button.

Please email all information to Robyn at: info@outdoorsvictoria.org.au

Image size and format recommendations

If you can provide us with the following recommended files then great, it’ll just make our job easier but don’t worry if you can’t, we are here to help.  

Every sponsor will have a place within the general Sponsor section within the conference app (this is the place where you would generally supply us with your banner) the image specs for that are placed under ‘content’

The sponsored post, available to silver and gold sponsors has further specification recommendations.


Sponsors – min 180×120 px, JPG or PNG;

Sponsored Post:

Type: Banner – min 476×210 px, JPG or PNG;
Type: App download – min 476×210 px, JPG or PNG; Type: Gallery – min 476×476 px, JPG or PNG;
Type: Document – min 476×210 px, JPG or PNG;
Type: eCommerce – min 476×210 px, JPG or PNG
Type: Promoted Session – min 476×210 px, JPG or PNG.

Sponsor area map