Education Outdoors Conference 2020

When:  Thursday, 28th – Friday, 29th May, 2020

Where: Box Hill Institute, Lilydale Lakeside Campus

The Education Outdoors Conference is a major annual event that provides professional learning for teachers, educators and students within the Outdoor Education sector and connects with community groups, government and related businesses.

Advocating for Nature

It can be overwhelming to know how best to act amidst so many world-wide reports on the effects of climate change, mass extinction, loss of biodiversity…and the list goes on.

There are plenty of positive stories emerging, however, pointing to the importance of rebuilding human relationships with nature, and outdoor leaders are in a unique position to do just that.

By helping create positive experiences in, and with nature, we can be a part of the leading movement for change.

OV has a team of passionate people building a different type of conference experience for 2020. Whilst there will still be plenty of individual breakout sessions to choose from, the focus will be on working and exploring ideas collaboratively. Attendees can expect to be facilitated through a journey of connecting, exploring and acting for Nature.

Within the overarching theme of nature we’ll be exploring topics such as:

  • our relationship to nature, as individuals, and as educators in the outdoor space.
  • how to advocate for positive environmental practices.
  • how to confidently address questions about the state of nature today.
  • how to deepen our society’s relationship with nature.


Coming in 2020


Coming in 2020

The 2020 conference is being designed to build the capabilities of our participants and to focus on action in order to deepen society’s relationship with nature. 

To help us we are teaming up with a new partner, Hinterland, a strategy and human-centred design studio who specialise in ambitious, creative projects that reimagine how we live, work, and make meaning in the modern era. 

In addition to projects with leading organisations, such as ACF, Ryan & Robin from Hinterland have been working for the past several years with the Department for the Environment in South Australia on ‘Amongst It’, a project all about working with a variety of people and organisations to try and create more ways to connect with nature on a daily basis.

They are keen to bring their growing expertise combined with years of experience teaching human-centred design to our conference in 2020 through the work they are doing with us behind the scenes and 2 significant workshop opportunities for all participants, 1 on each day.

‘Humancentred design’ is an approach to problem solving, that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. However, we will be mindful to remain focussed on Nature throughout the process, and not over-privileging humans or the individual perspective. 

INTRODUCING JODI EVANS: Conference MC & Climate Reality presenter


We are very excited to announce that Jodi will not only be our MC for 2020, but will be presenting a special Climate Reality speech to attendees, plus she is a valuable contributor to content and program development of the conference.

Jodi spends her life dreaming of when she will finally have a cup of tea with Leonardo DiCaprio and work out a plan to immediately solve the climate crisis.  Until such time as this eventuates, she occupies her days immersed in the world of outdoor education.  Currently lecturing in Outdoor Education at Monash University, Jodi is a proud Climate Reality Leader, delivering climate presentations to anyone who will listen.