Education Outdoors Conference 2020

Expressions of Interest Submissions

When:  Thursday, 28th – Friday, 29th May

Where: Box Hill Institute, Lilydale Lakeside Campus

The Education Outdoors Conference is a major annual event that provides professional learning for teachers, educators and students within the Outdoor Education sector and connects with community groups, government and related businesses.



Submission Guidelines

Please read guidelines before submitting

  • The Conference committee are currently seeking facilitators to offer sessions that fit within the sub-themes of ‘Connecting’, ‘Exploring’ & ‘Acting’
  • The conference is being designed to take attendees on a curated journey, so if you are offering a session under the sub-theme ‘connecting’ or ‘exploring’ you will need to available to present on day 1, Thursday 28th May or “Action”, day 2, Friday 29th May, 2020
  • As a general rule there will be one free registration for the day per presentation. Please contact Andrew Knight directly if there are co-presenters
  • All EOI’s must be submitted by Wednesday March 18, 2020


Coming in 2020


Coming in 2020

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The following are examples of the types of sessions we are seeking
If you would like further information, please contact:
Steve Mc Murtrie:, or
Robyn Allan:, 

Exploring our connection to Nature & where we stand now

(workshop examples)

  • Understanding the science (biodiversity, mass extinction, climate change)

  • Current education resources available for teachers
  • Innovative ways to overcoming nature disconnection
  • Redesigning climate change OE programs
  • Innovative ways to staying positive
  • Community projects to tap into and share with students
  • Capturing connections to nature through storytelling/art/writing
  • Practical workshops in Nature, bush foods, forest bathing

Acting for Nature & positive new ways forward

 (workshop examples)

  • Exemplar practices
  • Creating new social norms
  • Exploring Sustainability:  from an OE perspective
  • Taking the Politics out of climate change discussions
  • Strategies for working together
  • Citizen science
  • Becoming a B- corp