Baptist Camping Victoria

Baptist Camping Victoria

Christian Camping that Satisfies
Live Life - helping people to reach their full potential

Address: 57 Noble Street, Anglesea Victoria 3230

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Babtist camping DSC_0656_optBaptist Camping Victoria is a multi-faceted organisation that has; Camp Centres throughout Victoria, Ministry programs through EPIC where we run camps for all ages, Training with our 12WATTS internship program as well as support in this area from Christian Venues Association, Alliances with 5 peak bodies supporting them to run their camping programs, and Community where we work strongly with the schools, churches, and community bodies.

We are a living organisation involved with walking with groups of people to explore the outdoors, challenge themselves  and ask the question; What do they believe life is about?

We look forward to working with clients in all areas of our Centres; catering, programing, facilities and the local environment.

Our programs are tailor made to meet the needs of the groups and our web has resources covering all areas that will make your organisation of Camp as easy as possible.

Check out our web page for updates and events and find our camp centres on Facebook.

We provide an experience that is unforgettable.