School Holidays

School Holidays

School Holidays is a unique visual 'Search Engine of Fun' (Find Fun™ Search Engine) that makes it very simple for all types of families across Australia to FIND FUN of all kinds, then connect directly with a huge range of service providers in order to pay or book it and to go. In this way, we help solve an age old issue for parents and carers everywhere: what to do with the kids??

Address: While we are a visual search engine we are also a dedicated social network connecting tourism (Visitor Economy) and family reliant businesses with families interested in their services or offer.

Families (mums, dads, kids, carers) can join the School Holidays community as Personal Users in order to make purchases, but also to FOLLOW THE FUN: follow any of thousands of high quality Business Users including Tourism and Vacation Care businesses, Councils and organisations all year. In this way, School Holidays is made to support the needs of two distinct and mutually beneficial markets: Tourism and family reliant Businesses and organisations (Visitor and Care Economy) and Australian families.

Australian family members can use School Holidays all year, just like any search engine. The difference to other search engines is that School Holidays serves a distinct niche purpose and is easily searchable by kids, potentially taking a lot of pressure off parents and carers to find the fun stuff!As an Impact Business, School Holidays has positive social, ecological, cultural, economic and inter-generational objectives and we champion the great benefits of physical activity for all people, Inclusive Tourism, Indigenous Tourism, Agri-Tourism, Eco-tourism and Special Needs Friendly Visitor Economy and Care businesses. We are also supporting Foster kids and families through OzChild, extending our brand promise of ‘Find Fun’ to Aussie kids and carers who may not have the finances or resources to have fun experiences that other families enjoy.

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